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It dawned on me one day as the world and our lives have all been adjusting to a new normal, that our perceptions had also shifted. The luxuries of a person’s life don’t necessarily mean yachts, diamonds, exotic travel, or gatherings of more than a certain amount of people without masks on – it means whatever you want it to. And, don’t get me wrong, we would love to have all those things, but it is equally important to cherish the luxuries that are already present in everyday life.

This blog is for all women out there. The LOL Community publishes timely articles on the most relevant and the most interesting topics surrounding lifestyle, beauty, health, travel, and so much more. We are here to support, inspire, and enhance distance-based socialization and healthy interactions as such an important part of women’s overall wellness.

We hope that you join our conversations. Let’s share our plentiful lives, dreams we aspire for, and most importantly support each other’s wellness and lifestyles – a true luxury.

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