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Latest Posts
We always say that luxury is in the eye of the beholder. For one person, it’s a yacht to travel the world. For another, it’s being able to escape from your children in a hot, bubbly bath with a glass of cold, bubbly champagne. Regardless of what your luxuries are, we are in a pandemic and things are different, but I want you to know that you still can be luxurious.

Here are five tips to get started living our most luxurious lives:

1. Support One Another
There’s nothing better than being able to call a girlfriend and complain about the sad state of our nails during COVID, and for some of us, the fact our child has been on electronics for five hours straight, all without judgment. While this pandemic is certainly not something to joke about, funny memes and discussing the best way to get gel nail polish off have taken some fear of the unknown ...

Giving Your Lonely High Heels the Attention They Deserve

Yes, this is a thing, and yes, you should do it. It’s a great excuse to (temporarily) break free from your sweats and dress up ...

2020 Winter Boot Trends – Styles to Ditch and Buy Instead

If you’re anything like me, you have a closet full of boots. Some, from lifetimes ago and others, on the newer side. You’ve ...

Your Microblading Need-to-Know

We get it. “Microblading” definitely doesn’t sound like something you’d want done on your eyebrows, or really anywhere ...

How Does Self-Care Affect Mental Health?

The terms “self-care” and “mental health” have been around for a long time, however, there’s been a significant ...

The Boom of Private Aviation

Has COVID created a bit of a dilemma for your travel plans? Don’t you wish you could avoid the COVID exposure in the airport ...

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