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Women Supporting Women’s Wellness

Look at that view!

In our current times of transition, I felt the need to create a movement for women to raise their voice in need of support when it comes to mental and physical health for themselves and their loved ones. Social media has long been used to promote social causes of all kinds so recently we introduced a new challenge that has women starting to proclaim #challengeaccepted of Women Supporting Women’s Wellness #womensupportingwomenswellness which has been created to be a driving force to foster healing within women so they can uplift their families and communities.

You may have seen it on Instagram. Any type of photo sybolizing the beauty of wellness, however one defines it, of women with the viral hashtag and mention of a few other women’s usernames. In the simplest terms, we are pushing to create an online movement that encourages women to support other women’s wellness.

Unlike other viral challenges, we are encouraging women to “tag” people in private messages. Those who post a photo are to simply write #challengeaccepted and #womensupportingwomenswellness in their caption, with mentions of the women who challenged them.

How do we adjust? Stand together. Lift each other up to accomplish satisfaction in Wellness like never before seen.

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